Add years to life and and life to years

Activ Always brings together writers from different backgrounds with one aim in common: to get the most out of life as we get older.

This cuts across all areas from health and fitness to work and leisure and making the most of our hard earned money.

Most of us are ready to slow down a little as the years advance but there’s no talk of stopping or giving into the cliche restrictions brought on by age. Quite the contrary, we want to get as much as possible out of every day.

Our writers range from mid-30s to mid-70s and are working hard to bring you the collective wisdom of their varied experiences, always backed up by research and evidence from the best scientific sources.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t have all the answers and we sometimes struggle to follow our own advice but we do our best and succeed most of the time…ok, some of the time. But the struggle is good for the soul, and it’s not bad for health and happiness either.

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